Slower Than Light is a 4X computer game coming in Q4 2014.  It is based on the fundamental conceit that none of the short-cuts to faster-than-light travel will actually work out, and that humanity will have to explore and colonize the universe using subluminal propulsion and communications.  By embracing rather than abstracting the limitations of space travel as we know it today, STL will provide a play experience unlike any major 4X title, and provide opportunities for players to explore the probable future of off-world colonization.

Project Status

The physics engine for Slower Than Light is approximately 80% complete; the remaining engine components are largely bug fixes, non-critical features and utilities to support easier gameplay.

The interface for Slower Than Light is the primary focus of the next six months of effort — providing useful visualizations of the concepts and information in the game to the player, and engaging talented artists to help realize a vibrant and realistic world for players to explore.

In March of 2014, we expect to begin a crowdfunding effort to finance the completion and launch of this project.  Stay tuned for an announcement on when that campaign will go live!

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