Alternate Plans

The Kickstarter for Slower Than Light has come up raising only about a third of its $30,000 goal.  While I am disappointed that I did not make my goal, and therefore won’t be able to complete Slower Than Light this year, I am deeply appreciative of all the support I did receive, and gratified to know that there is interest out the for a sub-light 4X game.

I want to thank everybody who pledged to the Kickstarter, who posted articles, and who commented on the blog and the campaign webpage.  I’d like to thank everybody who gave me suggestions for game mechanics, flavor, and tips on running a Kickstarter campaign.  In particular, I’d like to thank Mason Reed for his thoughtful feedback on a lot of the flavor content and physics in STL, UsF for numerous comments and encouragement offered during the campaign, and Brian Rubin at for a great podcast and coverage.

With the failure of the Slower Than Light Kickstarter, I now have to take real consideration of how I can continue work on Slower Than Light.  For the moment I need to find a new job that will support myself and my family.  The nature of the work I eventually find will likely play a major role in when and how Slower Than Light finally makes its way to release.  Depending on what my circumstances are, I may continue working on Slower Than Light directly, or I may work on small projects that use components of the engine.

I have been repeatedly asked if I plan on running a second crowdfunding campaign for Slower Than Light.  I have no plan to do so at this time.  The game needs to come much farther before I would attempt another Kickstarter.  If a second campaign does begin to materialize, I will be starting the pre-Kickstarter marketing campaign much earlier, and I will certainly be reaching out to those people who supported me on this attempt.

Once more, I want to extend my sincerest thanks for everybody who supported Slower Than Light during this campaign.  This project may need to go dormant for a while, but you have ensured that it will not die.  I am immensely grateful for the validation this experience provided, and it has refreshed my faith that Slower Than Light is a project worth seeing through to completion.

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