Approval Process

My project plan calls for the Kickstarter campaign to begin on Saturday, and I don’t have the video completed yet.  I’m very aware that a large fraction of Kickstarter backers will just watch the video and decide based on that whether or not they should fund my project.  I want to make STL’s video contain as much game play footage as possible, so that I can show what is different about this game.  Unfortunately, that’s not very easy.

Most of STL’s engine was built with unit and integration tests more focused on the mathematics and gameplay than the interface, so I find myself in the somewhat awkward position of trying to get funding for a game that doesn’t yet look very pretty.  I think today will be entirely dedicated to producing this video, rather than splitting my time between development and support work the way I normally do.  I need to give Kickstarter a few days to approve my project, which means to meet my project schedule, I need to get the video done today.  After all; if I can’t meet my schedule for the crowdfunding part of this project, how can I convince my backers that I can meet the schedule for development and release?

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