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Lightspeed Communication Videos and Demo

Today is a very exciting day!  There are not one, but two videos for our fans.  They are both about how Lightspeed Communications work in Slower Than Light.  One is a two-and-a-half minute summary that quickly goes through the gameplay implications.  The second is an eighteen-minute live commentary as I actually played the demo, going over how I was doing everything.

Why did I make this second video?  Because I’m making the demo available on this website for download, so that both current and prospective backers and experiment with and experience how light-speed communications will work in Slower Than Light.

First, the summary video:

For those who want a deeper look, the demo video:

And finally, the link to the demo that you can download:

STL Lightspeed Communication Demo v0.1 Kickstarter Edition

This is a very exciting day for the Slower Than Light project, and I hope that you find the content here both exciting and informative.